Day 1

Went for a wonder around Mexico City, had some breakfast at
Chilaquiles then walked to Chapultepec Park and joined the first queue we could
see. After walking through metal detectors and bags through x-rays we found
ourselves at the Mexican White house! Some massive chandeliers and board rooms…

We continued through the big park and considered seeing some
Mayan artifacts at the Anthropology Museum but Chris realised Man U vs Barca
was on the telly and it was hot and 2pm (aka beer time).

Jess found the most English pub in Mexico, watched Man U get slaughtered and drank beer! Headed home via El Faraon for some mega spicy tacos and quesadillas, which came out looking the same so we’re yet to work out the difference! Then home for an early jet lagged sleep.

Day 2 – Jess’ Bday!

Woke up early through excitement and jetlag. Jess opened her
cards and presents whilst I fetched a breakfast fit for a sweet toothed Mexican
Queen. Hopped on a couple of Lime electric scooters and scooted on to the
Anthropology museum, where we discovered my iDiscover translation app doesn’t
work indoors so we saw lots of lovely statues from, we assume, all periods of
Mexican history. There was a bloody massive water feature too. We watched some
authentic Mayan nutters spinning upside-down from a massive pole only attached
by a bit of rope and some others dancing with fire.

We wondered around an artisan market practising our best ‘No Gracias’ to all the sellers. Then we scooted to Mercado Roma, a trendy hipster market with food and booze, and sampled a variety of artisan Mezcal and discovered the traditional way of drinking it is in a champagne glass with orange segments covered in paprika salt... it was delicious… and strong.

In the evening we went for cocktails at the top of the Torre
Latinoamericana then onto a fancy restaurant called Azul Historico. We drank
more mescal, this time out of seed pod cups and had some amazing food. Then a
quick Uber home (Uber is extremely cheap here…. Which is awesome).

Day 3

Frida Kahlo was a monobrowed hornbag who had a lovely house.
We visited the house after a cycle tour of the local area, Coyoacan, and some
churros and Atole. Through the tour we managed to skip the 3 hour long queue
into her house, which was pretty sweet. Lots of interesting stuff in her house
and about her life – best said in all the photos we took!

An Uber to the Cathedral was followed by us discovering Bad
Boys 3 was being filmed on the square… after waiting for 30 mins with no sight
of big Willy we moved on to the Salon Tenampa which was a bar with Mariachi
Bands serenading the tables! A few beers, cocktails and tequilas later we
Ubered back to our local area for some food. Our dinner tonight consisted of a
bowl of melted cheese, “French Fries” – fried crisps and guacamole with nachos…
it was sensational.

Day 4

A free metro trip (we somehow bamboozled the ticket lady… or
she was awestricken by my sexy pale face) took us to Xochimilco and the Mexican
punting parade. 2.5 hours on a very packed canal, sharing beers with our punter
(Chimichanga… or something like that), eating Corn on the cob covered in mayo,
cheese and chilli and stuck in a 45 minute boat jam busting for the toilet… it
was still fun though! Nearly matched by the relief of going to the loo after.

A metro home to get changed into my Wolves top and get ready
for the wrestling!

Before we entered the Arena Mexico I bought a Lucha Libra
Mask and we got some tacos from a food stand… which was an experience (the lady
ripped raw meat from a pile and slapped it onto the grill then with the same
hand grabbed a fistful of spicy potato mush and flung it onto our tortilla – it
was delicious!). Into the arena for some excellent Lucha Libra wrestling!

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