San Miguel De Allende

Day 5 – San Miguel

Early rise, pack bags, say bye to CDMX and get onto our very
posh coach to San Miguel.

Started the day with a Taco detox organic breakfast (beans
and stuff) then explored San Miguel De Allende. Very busy for the Easter
holidays and lots of festivities in the square. Went out hunting for a
recommended Taco van via a few bars (some Mezcal, beers and duke box songs!).
Found the van, ate 4 tacos, demanded 4 more in Spanish (Mas mas mas, otro quarto
por favor!). We planned a big night but after some churros and a white
chocolate hot chocolate we felt sleepy and it was time for bed.

Day 6

Rose early to go to Charco Del Ingenio (nature reserve) with
amazing scenery and lots of cacti. Racked up the step count too. Walked back to
the town centre to watch the exploding Judases (and Trumps!), which is a
Mexican Easter Sunday tradition. It didn’t seem safe but was awesome. Then went
to a Fish taco restaurant, I had chicken.

Later we had another “light” meal to La Pozoleria, which
served tradition Pozole – pork stew. Walked to the top of the town to watch the
sunset then walked back down to eat some pizza and a bottle of wine!

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