Took a 2hr bus ride to Guanajuato (pronounced Huanahuato!),
arriving at our bizarre accommodation that was built into the side of a bridge,
in a town that is so extremely hilly that houses appear stacked on top of each
other, and are painted every colour imaginable. Our nearest lunch option was a
burger restaurant serving traditional Mexican fare like ‘Philly cheese-steak
burgers’, much to Chris’s delight! After eating we explored the ‘Mummy museum’
which left us feeling queasy, unlike the Mexican families (including small
children) who were treating it as a fun day out… We explored the town and
climbed to the view point, then went to the ‘Calleon de Beso’ (Alley of the
kiss), which features in a local legend (Romeo and Juliet style tale of doomed
lovers), and has a queue of tourists waiting their turn to have a photograph
kissing in the alley (Gross) – we did not partake! Guanajuato was a fleeting
visit, giving us time to gear up for our journey to…

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