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Tequila! - Day 8

Worth every minute of the 8hr journey from Guanajuato! We arrived too late to book onto a distillery tour but no matter, you can drink tequila from giant pottery mugs in the square, mixed with ‘Squirt’ (grapefruit pop), orange, chili and salt (Mexicans love salt with/in their drinks)… then you must drink Batangas from the bar named the ‘Capilla’ (Chapel), called so because you ‘arrive on your feet but leave on your knees’… Batangas are also mainly Tequila, mixed with lime and coke, with a rim of salt (of course) and stirred with an intimidating looking serrated knife – which apparently has been used since the opening of the bar 30 years ago and never washed! (We don’t know if that is true…) We chatted to locals who were very happy to sit and drink Tequila with tourists, and managed to leave our feet (just about!)

Day 9

We booked ourselves on the obligatory tequila tour in an
obligatory ridiculously shaped tour bus (ours was a big red chilli pepper, you
could also ride around town in a barrel, tequila bottle, giant guitar etc)… We
had requested an English speaking guide and were worried to find our bus full
of Mexican tourists, but the guide did an impressive job of repeating
everything very quickly in English for our benefit! We learnt a little about
the town and then walked around a distillery to see the process of making
tequila, and tried some of course (it went down just as easily as the day
before). Everyone had a good old laugh when we showed them the most popular
tequila in England (with the little sombrero bottle cap), which they wouldn’t
be seen dead drinking!

We held back a little on the shots today, knowing we had an
epic 20 hour journey ahead of us… We bussed to Guadalajara, then caught a night
bus to Puebla, then changed to another bus to…

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