San Cristobal de las Casas

Day 16

Arrived early in the morning and walked to our AirBnB via a recommended breakfast spot, after some ‘revuelto huevos’ we found our accommodation and slept. Wandered around the town centre and booked ourselves in for a couple of tours over the next two days. We forgot to take photos of the town…. Just one of breakfast!

Day 17

Early start to get a collectivo (mini bus) to the Cascada El Chiflon. The tour was in Spanish and we were the only two that didn’t speak Spanish, so we latched onto a couple from Spain who spoke great English - viola we had our personal interpreters. Waterfalls we amazing - see photos. Then rowed a log raft out to an island in the middle of a beautiful lake, also amazing - see photo! Then came the real test, our driver had picked up some bootlegged ‘Pox’ (sugar cane and maize spirit). He offered it to the group, our Spanish friends went first and struggled to get it down, everyone else refused… then up stood the Inglés, turns out it was delicious, ‘otro por favor’, 2 shots for Chris and 1 for Jess.

Day 18

Another early start to get to the San Cristobal Canyon. Same drill, we found the only 2 English speakers, made friends and had interpreters! The canyon was incredible, the photos won’t do it justice. Then went out for dinner with the group we met at the cooking class in Oaxaca.

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