Lake Bacalar

Day 21

Bacalar is absolutely stunning and our accommodation had its own private jetty out onto the lake. We explored the town a little and then hired a catamaran (I had to demonstrate my skills beforehand, which I just about managed although its a bit different to a dinghy - well that was my excuse anyway!), and we took to the water to explore the nearby ‘Pirates canal’ and cenote, although did not stop to swim in either for fear of not being able to get back in the boat! The town is small and has not been on the tourist radar too long, so still relatively undeveloped and chilled, we had a lush Taco dinner and bedded down in our dodgy tent with our mosquito friends.

Day 22

We set alarms and woke early to watch the sunrise over the lake… turns out literally everyone else in the hostel had the same idea and the jetty was busier than in the day time! Then we went for a swim and packed up, ate some questionable local meats, then travelled to Tulum where we planned to meet our Aussie friends from the Oaxacan cooking class, who had reached Tulum at the same time. We went to a bar where everything cost 21 pesos (just under 1 pound)... you can imagine the direction the night took… it ended with vague promises with some local ‘new best friends’ that we would meet then at the cafe at 1pm the next day to go on an adventure…

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