Day 23

We dragged ourselves to the cafe for 1pm, not feeling able to face whatever adventures we’d been promised, and thankfully were stood up! I returned to the hostel whilst Chris stayed out to watch Spurs v Ajax and befriended a dutch man to commiserate with, with tequila…

Day 24

I cycled down to the beach - I’d been warned beforehand that the previously white-sanded turquoise-watered beaches of Tulum were spoiled by an influx of seaweed, but it was even worse than I imagined. Massive piles of seaweed along the shore line with a distinctive seaweedy smell, and the water a murky brown colour as more drifted in. Plus the strong winds made any chance of relaxing on the beachfront impossible, and no one was braving a swim, so I cycled back again! Later we cycled to the ‘Gran cenote’, one of the biggest cenotes near Tulum, complete with turtles and bats! You can swim in the clear fresh water, right through the cave and under where the bats were flying.

Day 25

Got up early and hired a car to drive to Chichen Itza, arrived around noon, the perfect time to walk around a site with little shade! We refused a guide ("history is rubbish" anyway), and worked out our own history instead. We then drove ages to a ‘’secret cenote no one knows about!’ (according to Jess), which turned out to not exist, but did give us the chance to pop into the Sian Ka’an biosphere and check out the jungle and lagoon, spot some wildlife and climb to the top of a rickety looking observation tower.

Day 26

Spent the afternoon at a posh beach club where Chris managed a rare tuna steak and I ate ceviche, and attempted to enjoy the sea (which was rough in manner and texture thanks to the seaweed), and we retreated home early, purposefully avoiding the nightlife that we can’t be trusted with!

Day 27

Sweaty cycle ride to a couple of cenotes, refreshing swim, sweaty cycle back! We have realised we cannot handle heat, and worse still humidity, which doesn't bode well for the rest of our trip! But nevermind, we chose an airconditioned airbnb for our night in Cancun, and the inside of that lovely cool room was all we saw of Cancun!

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