Day 37 and 38

An early bus to Medellin. Possibly the worst bus ride so far. A minibus with seemingly no suspension through very windy roads and dirt tracks in the Mountains for 5 hours. Made it to our hostel in one piece and went for a curry, which we were really looking forward too (you know when you really fancy a curry!). Although the mango chutney tasted of cinnamon and there was no lime pickle the curry went down well. Then we headed out on a hostel bar crawl, we went out with people 10 years younger than us and I think we got away with it (although we stopped short of getting on the party bus to the club after the fifth bar!). And we didn’t dare join in the limbo competition in fear we wouldn’t be able to get back up again….  

The next morning we recovered with a wander around the city and back to the hostel to sort out some laundry (it’s not all laughs whilst travelling). Then got a 13.5 hours (16.5 in the end) night bus to Cartagena.

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