Day 57

Took a damp bus for 6hrs on a windy road to Baños, a cute town in the hills in the middle of Ecuador, famous for its hot springs, waterfalls and adventure sports. Now famous in our minds for the cutest little puppy we’ve ever seen, which was living in our hostel and sporting some seriously cosy jumpers! Treated ourselves to a mexican, as we hadn’t had one in over a month!

Day 58

Decided to do ‘Canyoning’ - I deliberately avoided researching too much into what this would involve, and we signed ourselves and paid before I could change my mind. We were picked up in a dune buggy and brought to the shop to be kitted out in full wetsuits and wetsuit jackets, safety harness and a helmet - this was already quite alarming. We were driven out to a canyon and first practised the safety manoeuvres, then it was time to launch ourselves over the top of waterfalls! The idea being to abseil down backwards, receiving a face full of water as you do so, and trying not to drown! Afterwards I went for a stroll up the hillside for the best view in town (Chris was busy doing travel admin), then later we went to the hot springs where the locals show off their ability to sit in boiling water without pulling faces or gasping like us tourists - one pool was the hottest hot spring we’ve ever been in, and we swapped between this and a freezing cold one until we felt woozy and needed dinner and bed.

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