Day 63

Macas has a brand new bus terminal, which is exciting because all other bus terminals are pretty grim. We rose early, especially to have breakfast in the terminal. I was excited (more than Jess), as 4 days of plantain had starved my taste buds. A quick saunter of excitement from the taxi into the terminal, drooling with thoughts of a delicious english fry up (far fetched thoughts but one can dream), only to find all but two of the food stalls closed! Biscuit and a coffee it is. Loooooong bus journey to Cuenca, we checked in to the Check Inn (hats off to whoever named this hostel), then had a little wander around Cuenca and some food.

Day 64

Cuenca is a beautiful, quaint, colonial town with a modern feel. Quite busy, lots of youths (the university kind - not the chav kind), and lots of new shops and restaurants. We went to the museum Pumapungo (a Deconcentrated Operating Entity of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador - obviously), within which we weren’t allowed to take photos (a rule I may have not followed). It was an anthropology museum of the amazon tribes, there was a huge section about the Shuars, the tribe we lived with, and how they are quite violent and love to shrink heads… these details had been left out of our stay! We were allowed to take some photos of the ruins out the back of the museum though. These ruins were very suspicious as all the walls were about 4 bricks high, all made out of relatively clean and shiny rocks, all very uniform and in tact… and also the huge pile of unused rocks next to the museum added to the feel that they were very modern ‘ruins’ rather than from the old Ecuadorian tribes. 

Had some food in preparation for our night bus to Mancora, Peru!

And that was Ecuador done! Here are our best bits!

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