Day 101 - Sucre

We groggily arrived in Sucre at around 5am - luckily our room was available so we caught up on some sleep and then headed out for breakfast at the Condor cafe, where they serve the usual gringo favourites - lots of vegetarian options and good coffee! South Americans must be so amused that they can arrange a few vegetables and leaves prettily on a plate and tourists will pay 4 times the usual price for it! Anyway, we went for a stroll through Sucre which is as lovely as we were promised - all white washed colonial buildings and nice green spaces. We discovered rum and coke in a can and drank in the park amongst the stray dogs like the classy pair we are. Chris clambered up the ‘Eiffel Tower’ and to take some photos of the tops of trees, then headed to the market to buy ingredients for dinner - lots of veg and ginger to be mixed with the last of our quinoa. 

After a few games of cards back at the hostel we cooked our veg medley then headed out for a fishbowl of green cocktail in the local gringo bar. Feeling tired from the nightbus we decided for a nightcap and some crisps in bed in front of Netflix…. In bed by 9pm!

Day 102

Altitude + fishbowl + lack of water = slight headache and lie in. After recovering we headed up to a viewpoint of Sucre where a weekend market was in full swing, including loads of table football tables but Jess didn’t want to play. We had a brief look in a indigenous museum shop where we noted that genuine hand-made souvenirs are extortionate, and then grabbed some food  (Jess ordered two huge plates of food and polished it off, naturally). We hung around the hostel until it was time to catch our night bus to La Paz - our final night bus in South America!

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