Day 120

Early start with the promise of another gym visit before the ferry but Chris 'accidentally’ turned his alarm off so no exercise/showering for us, just straight to the ferry for the 9am crossing. And oh look it’s raining again! The cap'ain warned us that conditions were 'unfavourable' which is sea-speak for 'some of you will vomit' and there were a lot of sickly passengers, luckily we weren't among them!   We found a power point (yay!) so our journey was mainly filled with blogging (and the occasional wander on deck for the views - man its cold!) and by the time we arrived on the South Island it was brightening up nicely. We headed straight to Marlborough as quickly as we could - the vineyards were calling! We left Heidi at our accommodation for the night, which was the farm yard of a lovely couple who rent out their facilities to campervaners, and very sweetly gave us a lift to the nearest vineyard - Nautilus. We tried 8 delicious wines and chose a Savignon blanc to take home - we have now discovered we are white wine drinkers, and can add it to our extensive list of what we'll drink… but only the good quality stuff of course! Then we walked down the road to Forrest estate, and tried another 9 wines before settling into the armchairs in front of the fire and deciding to end our tour there with another glass each, and a bottle of pinot noir to take home (another wine we previously dismissed but have now decided we like!).

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