Day 130

We’d arrived in the dark and we didn’t really know what the surrounding area was like, turns out we’d parked next to a stunning lake on one side and beautiful snowy mountains on the other! We chilled out at the campsite for a while, taking in the views before we were to begin our drive to Dunedin, where we were seeing a couple of friends, Laura and Cat. 

Jess decided we couldn’t turn up to Laura and Cat’s without wine and it turned out we’d be passing many wineries on route but she’d have to taste the wine to make sure we got the best bottles (ok dear). As I was driving the next few hours were more fun for Jess than me. Going to the wineries did give us the opportunity to try some local bubbles and raise a toast to Baker and Laura, as it was their wedding day back home, which we were obviously (and guttingly) missing!

Jess did make some very sophisticated and insightful comments during the wine tastings… like ‘This one makes me like white wine now’ and ‘I definitely taste grape!’. 

We eventually arrive in Dunedin and had a lovely evening with Laura and Cat, going for what I think was my first ever Korean meal. Then continued an extremely sophisticated evening with a few drinks back at their house. Great hospitality and lovely to see them both! We got to sleep inside for the first time in 3 weeks too, which was nice!

Day 131

As we were a couple of days ahead of our itinerary and Laura and Cat were either kind enough, or polite enough, to not ask us to leave we had a nice chilled out day watching trashy TV and eating takeaways…. I believe unsophisticated people may call it a ‘Hangover day’.

Day 132

We waved goodbye to Cat, Laura and being indoors and had a drive around Dunedin. First we went to Baldwin street, which used to be world famous for being the steepest road in the world (until recently when it turns out there’s a steeper one in Wales… Us Welsh are the best!). To be far though, it was a very steep road and there was no chance we were going to drive up it! 

We stopped off for a coffee and noticed the cafe we stopped at sold Beef and Cheese pies, cheese rolls and Friands (almond, gluten free muffin)... all these items had been recommended to us by Cat and Laura… so we bought and munched down all 3 - all absolutely delicious. 

We then drove up the coast, stopped off at some famous boulders in the sea, then parked up at a free campsite at ‘All day bay’, a lovely long beach which we had a stroll down before we cooked dinner and had an early night!

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