Milford Sound

Day 129

A very early rise to catch our bus to Milford Sound. It’s a 4 hour drive each way and high chance of black ice on the road, so we decided to go with a tour. Plus it meant we could do it all in one day and sleep on the journey! Apart from a very entertaining and talkative driver (who had a microphone so we heard everything that popped into her mind!), there’s not much to tell about the drive there and back - except for the beautiful scenery… as shown in the photos! When we got to Milford we got on our boat for a 1.5 hour cruise, again more beautiful scenery, a few waterfalls and on the return route to the dock we encountered some seals and dolphins! Back onto the bus for a 4 hour drive, the last 2 of which we were entertained by watching ‘The fastest Indian’, a Kiwi film starring Anthony Hopkins! 

After a long day we treated ourselves to a KFC before an hour drive to a free campsite outside of Queenstown, arriving very late and in the dark.

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