Road to Auckland - Part 2!

Day 139

A nice lie in till 9am followed by Jess making a tonne of pancakes. We also have a lot of maple syrup to get through so breakfast was delicious! The healthy energy gained from breakfast sustained us for our long drive up towards Auckland. It was to be our final full day on the road, and with our budget in tatters we didn’t get upto much except chill out at our campsite, read our books, watch a movie and drink a farewell pinot noir and eat cheddar cheese!

Day 140

The day had finally arrived. Time to say goodbye to Uta. A sad day indeed. She was much more than our transport and our home. She was a friend, she was a confidant, she was our rock and, above all, she was a shelter for us to go potty when it was too cold to go outside! Originally we had decided we wouldn’t use the portaloo and that is was just there to give us our ‘Self-Contained’ certificate to allow camping at free campsites. However, as temperatures plummeted during the night we decided to bring the potty out. We had house rules of course:

Number 1: Number 1s only.

Number 2... Only if there are no alternatives!

Number 3: Any use of the potty must be broadcast to the van, giving time for others to hide under the sleeping bags.

Number 4: Never talk about the potty.

It’s safe to say Jess and I have got closer than we ever thought over the last month. Some sights can’t be unseen, some sounds can’t be unheard. But there is no judgement… especially none from Uta!

... anyway, so we packed up our belongings, did the final dump and fill of the water, filled up the gas and dropped Uta off! We jumped into an Uber to Base hostel and settled into our 4 bed dorm and got used to socialising with people again. 

Our thoughts turned to India and we planned a route and sorted some internal flights. All this India research got us hungry so we went for our last ever meat curry, which was delicious! Then back to the hostel for a drink and to watch a beer pong competition, quickly realising it isn’t a good spectator sport so we retired to bed!

Day 141

A relatively boring admin day today. Emails, postcards, blogs, souvenirs and a farewell Nandos! We stocked up on some India essentials too.. hand sanitizer, immodium, insect repellent and Rupees!

We went for a couple of drinks and a few games of pool at our favourite pool bar then headed back to the hostel for the night via Dominos! (Getting all the fast food in before we head over to India!).

Day 142

Early rise to sort out our bags, do some washing and checkout by 10am. The rest of the day will be spent preparing for India and writing postcards before our evening flight - goodbye New Zealand!

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