Day 163 168 - 12:30am flight to Goa

We arrived to our Goan hostel around 4am and had a free night stay in a non-AC 6 person dorm. Turns out the only other inhabitants of the dorm were mosquitos… luckily we had booked a private AC room for the next 5 nights so we checked into our room around midday.

Unfortunately for our avid readers the next 5 days were relatively boring (for you!). We had a great time relaxing, going to the beach, hitting the gym, eating some lovely food and watching Netflix in bed. The hostel included breakfast so we had daily samosas, omelette, toast and coffee. One of the days we hired a scooter (300 rupees for the day, £4ish!) and explored nearby beaches. And that’s about it! Goa was as beautiful as promised, although as it was coming out of monsoon season it was very quiet, and some of the shops and restaurants were still closed up (covered in blue tarpaulin), but we got the idea!

Day 169 - 173

Kranti Yoga!

4 days of Yoga. Having never done yoga before I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out Yoga is hard! Well, 5.5 hours a day of Yoga is hard anyway. Add 30 minutes of Pranayama (breathing techniques), 30 minutes of meditation, amazing spreads for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we had 4 full, healthy, active days! We even had a little bit of time for some sunbathing between Yoga sessions. Vibes, energy, chakras, sanskrit, unnatural bending, achy limbs and we were ready to head to North Goa for our final 5 days! 

Day 174 - the end!

Arrived in North Goa on Friday evening, still feeling very zen… until we were shown to our bedroom in the hostel. The bed was a small square of harm foam on top of wooden pallets! Serves us right for picking the cheapest we could find, and we couldn’t be bothered to find anywhere else that night so we had dinner and some beers out (already undoing our hard yoga-ing!) and then bedded down for the worst night sleep of the entire trip! The banging techno bass from the club next door really took it to the next level!

The next day we sought out a nice posh hotel to treat ourselves for our final four days, and found one up in Vagator (old hippy hangout), and it had a pool and everything! We checked out the sun set over Vagator beach and had a few cocktails, some food and a shisha! And we identified a bar which shows English football games ready for… Sunday! We lay around most of the day then headed out to watch Wolves V Man City - Chris wore his lucky wolves top (they haven’t lost when he’s been wearing it!) but he said he’d be happy if Wolves don’t concede more than 3 goals… It was a very tense 90 minutes and Chris drank through his nerves, but his lucky top struck again! 2 nil win! We went to a psytrance rave to celebrate (Chris still in his Wolves shirt), where a few people congratulated Chris which made him even happier! And to top it off we the trance rave saw in Chris’ birthday!

The next few days involved nursing hangovers, souvenir shopping and trying to sunbathe (monsoon season wasn’t quite finished). We’d had a turbulent time in India and we were excited to be coming home.

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